Miscellaneous Questions

1. I workout everyday and I feel I am healthy. Why do I need to take up a health checkup?

You must remember that feeling healthy and being healthy are not the same thing. Many diseases have no symptoms for a long time. Some of the highest causes of death are heart disease, cancer and stroke. And people with undiagnosed diabetes are at a high risk of heart attack and stroke. Many a times, the patients are not even aware of having high blood sugar, as they experience no symptoms. Hence Hypertension has come to be known as the ‘silent killer’. By getting routine check ups done there is a greater chance of discovering a disease you have, learning about the risks, and taking precautions to manage your health before it becomes life threatening.

2. How useful is a blood test?

Typical routine blood tests include the complete blood count or CBC to measure your red and white blood cells in numbers as well as in haemoglobin and other numbers. This can uncover the presence of anemia, infection, and even cancer of the blood. Advanced blood tests can tell your heart, liver and kidney functioning, detect hormonal imbalances, and estimate your overall health.

3. How do I understand if the test is right for me?

Well, in many cases a few specific tests are prescribed by a doctor, to identify the causes of a disease process or to gain a clear understanding about your body health. Only after analysing the test results will your doctor proceed with treatment. In such cases, you can choose these tests from the ‘choose test’ button. Here you will be able to compare the best rates offered by different centers and choose according to your convenience. However, in the case of preventive health check-ups, you do not need a doctor’s prescription. Each of the packages is specially designed by a doctor, and will provide a picture of your health and health risks.

4. Will I experience any pain when the lab assistant is drawing blood?

You will feel a small prick from the needle during the procedure. But if you feel severe pain, or the pain persists after the procedure, please contact your doctor.

5. I am pregnant. What kind of tests/radiology is recommended for me?

X-ray tests are not advisable for pregnant women. Please consult your physician before taking any tests during pregnancy.

6. How is my blood/urine sample collected from home?

If you opt for the home collection, a date and time will be fixed where lab staff will collect the samples from your home.

7. What clothes do I wear when I visit the lab?

Wear loose, comfortable clothing as you may have to change clothes for the procedure. Also wear a comfortable and easily removable pair of footwear.

8. Why doesn’t Diakart provide Complimentary Breakfasts in the packages?

A few centers offer complimentary breakfast as part of their health check up packages. But at Diakart, we focus only on diagnostic tests, and hence providing breakfast is not part of our packages.

Reports related questions:

1. How long does it take to receive test results?

Depending on the test performed, most tests are completed and reported to your inbox directly within 2-4 days of receiving the sample. Certain tests take several days to weeks.

2. What do lab tests show?

Lab tests show whether or not your results fall within normal ranges. Normal test values are usually given as a range, rather than a specific number, because normal values vary from person to person. What is normal for one person may not be normal for another person.

3. From where can I collect the test report?

As soon as the results are in, they will be sent to your account in the results section, from where you can access them and print them out if necessary. You can also share it with your doctor or your family.

4. What does false positive mean? How will it affect my results?

Sometimes, a test result may improperly indicate the presence of a condition, such as a disease. So the first screening test for a condition often has to be checked by a second, more specific test to find out whether the results are accurate and meaningful for your health. An example of this is the rapid HIV test, for which false positives are common. Sometimes, tests can show a false negative result too.

5. My blood test has come back positive for an infection. What does this mean?

Well, a ‘positive’ test result may not be positive news. Blood tests look for diseases by searching for molecular markers in your blood sample, such as sickle cell anemia test, HIV test, Hepatitis C test. Results are considered positive when disease marker is found in your blood sample. This will mean that you have the disease, or that you have had it in the past. In such cases, a negative result is good news.

6. My results are varying from one lab to another. What do I do?

We have tied up with NABL accredited centers, and hence the results from a particular test you take should be uniform within a reasonable amount of time between each test. There may be slight differences in the results, but as long as it falls into the normal category, there is no need to worry. If it falls into the abnormal category, it may be due to changes in food intake before the test or, the consumption of alcohol. If the differences are too large, please contact the center for answers.

7. How accurate is my Lab result?

The medical diagnostic centers on Diakart.com are all NABL accredited, which means that they comply with the regulations and have a procedure in testing samples. Hence they are as accurate as can be expected.

Portal Related questions:

1. Are consultations included in your packages? Why not?

Based on the results of your test you could opt for a consultation with your physician. If the results are deemed normal, then there is no need for further consultation.

2. What are the available payment options?

We offer three different types of payment options at Diakart. You could pay by debit/credit card on our website while booking the test. If you opt for home sample collection, you could pay the sample collectors at the time of collection. Or you could head up to the diagnostic center that you have opted for and make the payment directly.

3. Give me one reason why I should trust a website like yours to share my credit/debit card details?

Transactions on our website are completely safe as all measures are taken to ensure there are no vulnerabilities in terms of security and privacy of the users.

4. What is difference in booking through Diakart vs directly taking the test at the diagnostic center. In both cases we end up at the center?

At Diakart, we offer great deals on the packages, which you will not receive without booking online. If you walk into the test center after the booking, you will be able to avail these discounts. But not in the case of direct walk ins.

5. What are the cities where Diakart is present?

As of now, Diakart only provides diagnostic health check ups in Bangalore city. However, residents of other cities can book tests online for their friends or family who are currently in Bangalore, and hence monitor their health from afar. We will soon be expanding to other cities.

6. How do I book prescribed tests on Diakart?

On Diakart home page, Choose the ‘Search test’ option. Then type out the name of the test you have been prescribed. Choose from among the options. If there are more than one, then you can add it on to your list. Then proceed to checkout.

7. I don’t find the test I am looking for. Why?

Most of the tests have several alternate names. If you don’t find the test you are looking for, please try using the test’s alternative name. If not, you can always call us on our helpline and we will be more than happy to help.

8. Do you have any offers/special sale?

We do have special offers from time to time. Please subscribe to our newsletter to learn more about our special offers.

9. I had a bad experience in one of the labs. What do I do?

At Diakart we support your feedback. Please let us know of your experience. Also, you can add your experience to the reviews section, and give your own ratings to the centre as well.

10. My doctor has ordered a few lab tests for me. But she does not collect them at her clinic. How do I submit my sample for your tests?

You can submit your sample by opting for our home collection facility. Or you could choose from our option of centers for the one nearest to you and fix an appointment.